GameDevBits Editor Tools

Game Dev Bits Unity Editor tools

Below you’ll find the gallery of tools I’ve built for Unity. Everything where possible works in as many versions of Unity as it can, and tools are primarily built in Unity 2018.4 for maximum compatability.

If there’s any tools or components you’d love to see, drop me a message.


Placement and parenting tools for Unity3d

TimpsTools is a dockable window of quick tools to help when building a level inside Unity 3d (2018.4 and later).

It allows you to easily move things to the top of the hierarchy, copy and paste locations in the scene, and even parent and unparent things with via the hierarchy or scene view.

Timps Scale

Gameobject scaling tools for Unity3d

TimpsScale is a simple dockable toolbar allowing you to quickly and easily increment the scale of objects, copy and paste scales (including storing them to use later) and quick snaps to instantly adjust the scale of gameobjects.


In editor icon creator for Unity3d

TimpsShot is a free and simple tool to quickly generate transparent PNG icons from 3d gameobjects. You can scale, rotate, and move objects on all 3 axis, then automate taking screenshots of them all to save.

Time control

Pause, slow down or speed up your game with a tap

Timps Time tools is a tiny component you can add to your scene to take control of the game to set timescale. It was designed to make it quick and easy to take screenshots of your game in action to capture everything from physics reactions to particles. You can easily set the key to use and the timescale to slow things down to half speed, or a thousand times slower.