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Game Dev Bits

I’ve been tinkering with making games for the last two decades. I’ve used everything from modding tools for games and scripting languages, game maker, Construct, Unity and more.

I’ve built 3d models, landscapes, characters, crates, boxes, weapons and vehicles. Textured and untextured in paid and free tools.

Today I work in Unity in C# or using Bolt, Umodeller and whatever I can lay hands on in the Unity asset store.

I’m a firm believer in sharing and teaching everything you know. So as I go through my game dev journey bringing with me my experience in UX, CX, community management web design and product design, I’ll share it all with you right here.


Worldbuilding in Unity with Gaia Pro

Let’s build the world for an MMO

Constructor - A modular construction tool for Unity

A tool in development to quickly prototype modular structures like houses, dungeons and streets

Using Probuilder in Unity

Using Probuilder to build LODs and tweak existing assets to fit.

Terrains 101

A whole new series of youtube videos teaching you everything you need to know to get started with terrains. From sculpting to adding caves, trees, grass and more.

New Tool - TimpsScale

A fast easy way to scale assets and prefabs as you build levels in Unity. Unity 2018.4 and later required.

The latest

Bits – Grab and throw a ball

Bits – Grab and throw a ball

For our first Bit we'll be making a simple script that lets you pick up something when you go near it, and then either drop it, or fire it forwards. The first thing we need to do is make a spot for our objects to get held.Create an empty game object and place it in...