Synty Specs

The table below contains the specifications for the packs from Synty Studios. It’ll give you a quick reference for the horizontal and vertical grids for all of the packs.

“Modular” is a pretty broad term, so below I’ve used a firm “Yes” for packs made of things like modular walls and floors that allow you to build what you desire.

The vast majority of packs include things like modular ground tiles, as well as roads and streets where applicable. I’ve disregarded those to classify a pack as modular.

Semi Modular packs like City/Vikings (building CHUNKS you can assemble) are noted on those packs.

Sort using the column headers, or fuzzy search for the pack name.
Build 2.0 packs are discussed here.

PackModularSystemHorizontal GridVertical GridModular CharactersNotes
POLYGON AdventureNoStandalone--No
POLYGON Ancient EmpireYesBuild 2.02.5m3mSemi Modular - Cape/hoods/hats/accessories
POLYGON ApocalypseNoStandalone5m road/ground
2.5m Bunker
2.5m BunkerNo
POLYGON Battle RoyaleNo
Standalone5m road/groundSemi Modular - Hair/hats/accessories
POLYGON CasinoYesBuild 2.02.5m3mNo
POLYGON CityYes - Building chunks not individual wallsStandalone5m3mNoGrid size is for road and ground tiles
POLYGON ConstructionYesStandalone2.5m3mNo
POLYGON Cyber CityYesBuild 2.02.5m3mNoIntroduces 45 degree angle Build 2.0 walls and triplanar and interior mapping shaders compatible with Build 2.0
POLYGON DungeonYesStandalone Dungeon5m5mNo
POLYGON Dungeon RealmsYesStandalone Dungeon5m5mNo
POLYGON Elven RealmsYesBuild 2.02.5m3mSemi Modular - Cape/hoods/hats/accessories
POLYGON Fantasy KingdomYesStandalone Dungeon2.5m3mNo
POLYGON FarmNoStandalone--No
POLYGON Gang WarfareYes
POLYGON HeistYesStandalone5m3mNo
POLYGON Horror MansionYesBuild 2.02.5m3mNo
POLYGON KidsNoStandalone--Semi Modular - Hair/hats/accessories
POLYGON KnightsYes*Standalone Blocks2.5m2.5mNo
POLYGON MilitaryNoStandalone--Semi Modular - Accesories/Armour/hair/facial hair
POLYGON NightClubsYesBuild 2.02.5m3mNo
POLYGON OfficeYesStandalone2.5m3mNo
POLYGON PiratesYes - Building chunks not individual wallsStandalone--No
POLYGON Sci Fi CityPartial Standalone2.5m
5m large tiles
POLYGON Sci Fi SpaceYes - Interiors
Yes - Vehicles
5m large tiles
POLYGON Sci Fi WorldsNoStandalone--No
POLYGON ShopsYesBuild 2.02.5m3mNo
POLYGON Street RacerYes - Vehicles
No - Buildings
Standalone--Semi Modular - Hair/hats/accessories
POLYGON TownYesStandalone2.5m3mNo
POLYGON VikingsYes - Building chunks not individual wallsStandalone--No
POLYGON WarNoStandalone--Semi Modular - Hair/hats/accessories
POLYGON War Map WW2NoStandalone--Semi Modular - Hair/hats/accessories
POLYGON WesternNoStandalone--No
POLYGON Western FrontierNoStandalone--No

Character packs

A quick breakdown of the various character packs offered by Synty Studios. At the moment only Modular Fantasy Heroes is a fully modular character system for medieval characters.


Pack NameModular CharactersProps IncludedHumanoidNotes
POLYGON Modular Fantasy Hero CharactersCompletely modular characters with separate torso, arms, legs, helms, hair, beards etcCharacter accesories like capes, pouches, backpacksYes - All
POLYGON Fantasy RivalsNon modular - Large BOSS charactersHandheld weapons and items like staffs, clubs, swordsYes - All
POLYGON Fantasy CharactersNon modularHand held items like instruments, staffs, swordsYes - All
POLYGON KidsSemi modular with a range of hats, hair etcTrees and ground, a modular skate park, modular playground, handheld weapons and itemsYes - AllIncludes textures and a faceplate system to show mouths and emotions on faces.
Usable on other humanoid packs with a free Adult face plate on the Synty Store
POLYGON City CharactersNon modularNone
Yes - All
POLYGON City ZombiesNon modularSeveral handheld weapons, as well as heads and detached limbs to use as gibsYes - All
POLYGON Boss ZombiesNon modular - Large BOSS characters with several hair options includedSeveral handheld weapons, an assortment of items to use as clubs/weapons etcYes - All
POLYGON MechModular Mechs with customisable bodies, armour, attachments, heads etcAttached weapons for hands, shoulder mounted weapon pods etc

Handheld sci fi weapons include guns, rifles, hammers and swords
Yes - AllIncludes large scale detailed sci fi weapons to be held by a mech and several mech pilots

Nature and Foliage Packs

A breakdown of the various nature packs made by Synty Studios. The POLYGON Nature Biomes packs share some common elements include FX textures and the shader system.

Synty Nature Packs

Pack NameSystemDescriptionGround/Terrain Textures includedTrees/Foliage IncludedNotes
POLYGON NatureStandaloneA low poly nature pack containing trees, bushes, grass billboards and ground decorations. Includes a selection of polygon blob trees and leafy treesYesHybrid/Leafy trees and bushes and Polygon Blob trees
POLYGON Meadow / ForestNature BiomesNature Biomes forms a set of nature packs with a dual theme per pack. The core of the packs is a shader system and design motif.YesHybrid/Leafy trees and bushes
POLYGON Swamp / MarshlandNature BiomesNature Biomes forms a set of nature packs with a dual theme per pack. The core of the packs is a shader system and design motif.YesHybrid/Leafy trees and bushes
POLYGON Tropical / Jungle
Nature BiomesNature Biomes forms a set of nature packs with a dual theme per pack. The core of the packs is a shader system and design motif.YesHybrid/Leafy trees and bushesIncludes corals, seaweed and underwater textures

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