Spawners and Biomes

Here you’ll find all of the spawners and biomes I’ve built using Gaia and GeNa from Procedural Worlds.
Each spawner or biome is available to download either here on the page or a link out to or the asset store.

Simply extract the UnityPackage into your project and find the spawners under Assets/GameDevBits/ProcWorldsTools

You’ll need to have either Gaia or GeNa 2/Pro installed in your project and the relevant asset packs from Synty Studios.
The downloads here contain prefabs but not models or textures. You cannot use these spawners without the tools and assets installed.

Polygon Nature - Gaia Biome

A free biome for POLYGON Nature using Gaia. It features a range of spawners and covers everything from terrain textures to grass, flowers, trees and rocks.

Gaia Spawner – Download via

Polygon Farm - GeNa Spawner

Drop this spawner into your project and click to spawn a small random farm. You’ll see a random vehicle outside the farmhouse, changing buildings, movement and space between them and props that appear randomly.

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