TimpsScale – Free editor tool for Unity 3d (2018.4 and later)

TimpsScale is a lightweight dockable editor tool for Unity3d (2018.4 and up) to let you quickly and easily change the scale of prefabs and GameObjects as you move them around in the scene.

It’s easy to scale a prefab up and down in increments, instantly snap it to preset sizes and a “scale clipboard” to quickly save and reuse the scale of objects in the scene you want to copy/match.

TimpsScale GUI

How to use:

  • Increment Scale
    This section simply increments the scale of the selected gameobject (or multiple) and increases/decreases their current scale by the % chosen. It’s a great way to quickly toggle things when you need them just a little bigger/smaller to fit a space, match something, fit through a door etc.
  • Set Fixed Scale
    This section of the tool ignores the current scale of the selected gameobject (or multiple) and sets the scale immediately to the selected value. It’s great when you need something to instantly be bigger, smaller etc to then increment and adjust as needed.
  • Scale Palette
    This section of the tool is a “clipboard” for you to store and then use the scale from existing objects in your scene.
    Using the Grab Scale button next to A,B or C will fetch and store the local scale of the selected gameobject.
    And the Set Scale button will apply that to the selected gameobject (or multiple).
    There’s 3 provided slots to give you plenty of scope to scale things as you need.

    Examples include doing things like using trees from a pack built at smaller scale, you could scale a single tree up to 3.8(x),3.8(y),3.8(z) to fit, and then store that in the palette. New trees placed from the pack could quickly have their scale set to match.

    To launch, simply click tools > Gamedevbits > TimpsScale to launch the window, then resize and leave floating, or dock it as needed.

Grab it here

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