What is TimpsShot – The Unity Icon Creator?

It’s a Unity Asset consisting of a scene and a script you can use standalone in a new project or add to your existing project to generate transparent PNG in 512×512. Its original purpose was to help turn 3d models into icons for things like RPGs, puzzle games etc

Grab it right here: https://timps.itch.io/timpsshot


  1. Download and open up the TimpsShot unity package. You can do this in an existing or new project.
  2. Open up the scene TimpsShotMain
  3. Drag the objects you want to turn into icons onto the ObjectHolder. They need to be children of this object. See screenshot below
  4. Enter Play mode
  5. On the TimpsShot object in the hierarchy, you can change settings for the folder to save the icons too, and an optional prefix to use at the start of the filename.
  6. NB – The save folder is relative to your project root, above the assets folder. To avoid the needless creation of .meta files
  7. In Play mode you can use the on screen buttons to make the object larger and smaller. And rotate on 3 axes to get the ideal look.
  8. The blue frame indicates the area to save
  9. Clicking “Save Screenshot” will create a new PNG of the contents of the blue square as a transparent PNG with a random number as the filename.
  10. Clicking “Save all screenshots” will apply the current scale and rotation settings to ALL objects under the objectholder and save them as transparent PNGs. It will start from the first object, and save them all in order
Setting the save folder and icon prefix.
Save folder is relative to the project root, above the assets folder.

When started the script automatically finds the centre of the object and parents it to an empty gameObject on that point. This ensures all objects rotate relative to the same point.

Save All runs as a coroutine and pushes on by itself. Click it and you’ll see it quickly cycling through the models one by one.

TimpsShot is a Unity Asset designed to create icons quickly and easily for your UI, RPG games, Puzzle Games etc

NB This is a scene file and scripts for use in Unity3d and not a standalone application. It’s been developed to working Unity 2018.4 LTS and upwards.
This requires Unity3d to run.

Grab it right here: https://timps.itch.io/timpsshot