Elven Realms – Bridge Builder

This is a tool designed to quickly build bridge spans using Synty Studios POLYGON Elven Realms pack in Unity3d.
The tool requires Unity 2019.4 and above, and the Polygon Elven Realms pack from Synty.
You can launch it via Tools > GameDevBits > Elven Realms > Bridgebuilder

Get ready to build some bridges.

Simply launch the tool and use the buttons to select the start and end points in the scene.
These need to be gameobjects, and their pivot point will be used.
Default cubes make an excellent tool to use. The rotation of the cubes will be ignored, so don’t worry about that.

The Bridgebuilder will automatically measure the gap between the two objects and calculate the number of bridge pieces.
If you need to select a different object, hit the reset button.

Next toggle and uncheck the options that you want to use.

  • Arches – Create a series of arches across the bridge. This will be 2 arches per end segment, and one per middle segment. The arches will automatically form a height gradient that rises towards the centre.
  • Flags – This will create a flag on each archway. Flags are automatically set at the correct arch height. They will not spawn without arches.
  • Arch Supports – This will create large stone pillars/chunks that cover the bottom of the arches to blend them into the bridge. They also function as decorations and spawn when selected, with or without arches.
  • Flowerbeds – This will create random selection of flowerbeds on the bridge. Several flower bed models will cycle and they may appear on the left or right.
  • Support Statue – A large statue will be created under the centre of the bridge and positioned. The statue will auto scale based on the height of terrain or objects below it. If nothing is found by a raycast, the statue has a default height to suit a bridge.
  • Railings – A new railing model has been created to resemle Ivy/vines carved from stone. This will add the railing to both sides of the bridge when selected. The railing works with and without the arches.
  • Broken section – This will create a single broken section of the bridge, replacing one of the bridge segments. This is a new model (included in the package) and comes with a custom built mesh collider in 2 parts to enable a concave collision.
    If walkable is selected, a different broken section will be spawned which allows characters to walk across it. A mesh collider is enabled on this as well.
    NB the flags will not generate if arches are disabled.

    The bridge will generate at the bottom of the hierarchy, with a nested structure to make it easy to sort through.

Download for free on Timps.Itch.io today.